Current research projects led by staff and PhD students of the Department of Hydrobiology

Principal InvestigatorFunding SourceProject TypeNumberTitleExecution Time
Messyasz BeataNCNOPUS 212021/41/B/NZ9/02584Epiphytic diatoms growing on freshwater macroalgae as a source of plant-available silicon2022-2026
Brzozowski MichałNAWABekker ProgrammeBPN/BEK/2021/1/00364Lower periphyton biomass following fish removal facilitates the restoration of charophytes in oligo- and mesotrophic temperate hard-water lakes2022
Wejnerowski ŁukaszNCNSONATA 162020/39/D/NZ8/02436Fates of the bloom-forming filamentous cyanobacteria in the face of prognosed climate change2021-2024
Cerbin SławomirNCNBEETHOVEN LIFE 12018/31/N/HS2/02453Can parasite evolution reinforce the effects of climate warming?2020-2023
Pełechaty MariuszNCNOPUS 122016/23/B/NZ8/00635The role of aquatic vegetation in the carbon accumulation and deposition in bottom sediment: a comparative analysis of charophyte and vascular vegetation2017-2022